Hello, my name is Ana and this is my little space of the internet where I post my ideas, thoughts, and creations!

Currently, I am focusing my energy on pursuing my master’s degree in cognitive science while freelancing in design and creative writing. (When I have the free time I like to practice my drawing and guitar skills… or go outside for a jog or stroll.) I also publish my creative writing, drawings and take on commission-based projects.

In addition to the arts, I am deeply fascinated by biology. These days I do a lot of side-reading on cell morphology, blood constituents, genetics (genome-wide transcription) and on hormones such as oxytocin, neuroanatomy, and action potentials. It’s very interesting to me and I like to talk about it.

My research interests include inflammation, stress management, emotions and expression, mood disorders (such as anxiety and depression) and ways to manage or prevent them, individual differences (culturally inflicted or intrinsically gender-based), well-being and creativity.