Musing Over “The Three Musicians” by Pablo Picasso

The Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso, 1921

I look at this work, The Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso, and I just can’t help but wonder… who are these folks?

Given the grandiose of the painting (it’s about 6 x 7 meters!) and its roots in art history, a certain power radiates from it. The significance and potential for meaning oozes from every color. So…

I can’t help but draw a connection between these three figures and the more religious Three Wise Men.  In the painting, the figure on the right dressed in black looks hooded.

Thousands of years separate the two groups, as well as countless changes in history and culture.

Perhaps, The Three Musicians extend the story of the Three Wise Men by introducing a new dimension: music. I am sure some people will see the connection here and agree with it (even Jimi Hendrix is quoted saying “Music is my religion”).

I look at this painting and wonder, who are these people? And, what is their wisdom like?


Metaphysical Cities- In Progress

One of my major interests is ekphrasis, the combing of text and image, artwork and creative writing. So, am further exploring ekphrasis with the establishment of this project.

I started a new personal project where I plan to use these drawings to serve as inspiration and reference for creative writing. I will explore imagination and fantasy through these images and observe how simple physical stimuli, namely black and white line-based drawings, can be so powerful in creating a new spatial concept.

The literary inspirations for this project are Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino and Library of Babel by Jose Luis Borges. I read Calvino’s work twice in my life. Once when I was 19ish and the other time when I was 22. Borges’ work is a first for me.

Next, I want to show these drawings to people and ask them to make associations. No particular reason. I look forward to seeing how others see.

Just as an individual can influence the environment and the environment reciprocates to influence the individual, the city influences the culture and the culture can influence the urban landscape of the city.

Sometimes there are restrictions or limitations that are unchangeable. Other times, natural elements (be they aspects of land or genetics, since we have a twofold analogy here) are mendable and within the sphere of influence.