Proposing a Second Level for Ekphrasis

Strawberries by Ana Zdravic. Ink and Watercolor. December 2016

So, as many may or may not know- Ekphrasis is a type of poem that describes a work of art. It’s a simple concept and technique, but it is very powerful.

By introducing the element of writing a predominantly visual can be perceived in a new light. Just by observing a work of art with the intention to write about it new observations and ideas will emerge.  

Typically, writers and poets focus on a historic, external work of art produced in a distant epoch and by another fellow artist. A painting from the Louvre. A mosaic over the park. A grecian urn, perhaps.

However, what if we added a second facet to ekphrasis? 

What is the poet took a leap of faith, created some of his own marks, and wrote about them?

The second level of ekphrasis wouldn’t be about writing about another artist’s work, but about one’s own.

Strawberry (Detail)





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