Academic versus Creative Writing

The two styles of writing aren’t black and white. The division isn’t so neat and distinct

From time to time, we must remind ourselves that creative writing and academic writing are not polar opposites on the writing spectrum.

In fact, key characteristics of each style are not so absolute.

Let’s look at some examples:

  • Creative writing exists in academia. Departments and graduate programs are physical proof!
  • Some academic writing is unbelievably lively, brimming with metaphors and fluidity. While, on the other hand, some creative writing is a total bore. It’s all subjective!
  • Creative writing is taken with a grain of salt, seen not as entirely reliable. Yet, academic writing also isn’t all angelic and can fabricate or exaggerate  occasionally.
  • Creative writing won’t bring you a future, many believe. Uncertainty is tremendously large. But, creative writing can help you express yourself in such a way that will help you in the future.

As someone with a passion for both academic writing and creative writing, I need this distinction to be made clear.

Also, I want to make the claim that:  creative writing is becoming more and more academic.

Not in the sense that the style of writing is becoming increasingly systematic and direct, but in the sense that creative writing is being objectively studied.

Academic writing is thus being put to the task of reporting and expanding upon the relatively recent interest in therapeutic effects exhibited by people expressively using creative writing.

Guess the two ‘schools’ aren’t in such conflict with each other after all 🙂


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